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Since 2008, Scout Pest Control LLC, is a family owned business, that has been providing the absolute best pest control services in Northeast Georgia and Western South Carolina.  We love our customers and strive daily to provide them with quality pest control in a timely manner.  

We are a full service pest control company.  We handle residential and commercial household pest control.  We have a special Bedbug Division that does nothing but residential and commercial bedbug eradication.  Call us to today to get started!

Our Customers come FIRST!  Scout understands that Customers are busy and sometimes can't pay at the time of service.  We realize that sending a check in the snail (US Postal) mail can be a hassle.  With this in mind, Scout offers Customers the option to pay their bill online.

JUST CLICK THE BUTTON and follow the directions.  Remember you do not have to have a PayPal Account!  Just click on the Pay with Credit or Debit Card!  That's It!  No additional fees are passed to the customer!  And as always, THANK YOU!

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